Alumni Blazer Launch 2020

Well Done Class of 2019

Prefects 2020

Prefects 2019

SASCE Competition

Grade 12 Camp 2018

Learners from grade 12 camped at our school for 2 months before and during final examinations. Well organized planning and funding from Sifunda Kunye Education project goes into these camps. Over past few years, we have had a successful outcome by providing the learners extra assistance and assisting learners to focus on their final examination in Grade 12. Richard Varha would like to thank all role players that make this grade 12 camp successful tool to assist the learners to achieve better grades.

Hard Work Pays Off – White Blazer Achievement 2018.

At Richard Varha High School, learners are appreciated and motivated to perform exceptionally in their Studies and extra-mural activities.

The White Blazer was introduced. The first student who were awarded with this blazer was Sinesihle Vuma , who performed a solo soprano at a provincial level, she also has a scroll of being a prefect, she is not only talented,

She also has the brains. 

This blazer motivated other learners to perform exceptionally in their extra-mural activities. It showed them that there is a reward for everything you do.

“I felt important and special, because all my hard work was appreciated.” said Sinesihle. “Sinesihle is a hard worker.

Young Scientist Misokuhle Vanda

Well done Misokuhle Vanda

This all started on the 24th of August 2018. This young scientist, Misokuhle Vanda set out to compete

with other scientist from other schools in the hole of the East London district. This was the fairest and most broad competition. His project was about an electric sock that will improve our society. He introduced this sock as the ELECTRONIC WINTER HEAT.


His goal is to limit the sicknesses like colds and flu as well as other diseases. As we all know that the feet are the  first to get cold in a humans body. By doing this he is improving our environment, some people would not see the need but when the cold weather strikes you will find it useful. We are so proud of our fellow mate and this has encouraged us to want to be an achiever like him, we all  look up to him.


He is one of many top achievers even in his school work, he is part of our leadership body at school. He has

inspired us a lot. He won silver in the competition and got selected in the top 7 to compete in nationals which will be   held in Pretoria